Day Trip

Day Trip: Fountain Square Edition

After several weekends of outdoor festivities involving pumpkins, movies, barns…this girl was ready for a Sunday FunDay that involved food, cocktails and shopping! With my mom’s birthday coming up tomorrow, it seemed the perfect way to celebrate by having a fun girl’s day trip exploring Fountain Square in Indianapolis.  Fountain Square has been on my list of places in Indy to explore for a while now, and I’m excited to say that it did not disappoint and I will definitely be back again. Located just over a mile from downtown Indy, Fountain Square’s historic buildings and eclectic mix of restaurants and shops ensures it has a little something for everyone.

We made our first stop at Milktooth for brunch, and though it’s not located right in Fountain Square it’s about a 3 minute drive from the theater so we made there first before walking around the main square. There are no reservations or call aheads at Milktooth and from the few times I’ve been there I would stay to expect about an hour wait to get in the doors (trust me it’s worth it). However, they have a pretty open outside area and encourage customers to visit their ModBar for custom crafted coffee drinks and pastry while they wait.  Seeing as I’m not always the greatest and wait, we decided to venture over to Repeal Restaurant to partake in their mimosa bar and share a plate of pork nachos.  This was a quick stop for us, so we didn’t get a lot of time to check out the full menu, but if you’re looking for a cozy places to meet the girls for brunch and enjoy a mimosa or two this spot it perfect!


We quickly realized that the hour had flew by and made our way back to Milktooth and we’re seated inside. The inside seating area is always buzzing with energy, with an open barista counter and kitchen on full display it’s hard to keep yourself from constantly looking around at everything going on around you.  With my Milf Money cocktail in hand it was finally time to order food, but with so many delicious options it’s hard to choose just one!  It’s no secret that I tend to overindulge in all things food, so trust me when I say I might have overindulged just a tad when I couldn’t make my mind up on one dish so I just went ahead and ordered all 3 that I wanted.

Their Red Appalachian Corn Grits (loaded with egg, bacon, and scallions of course) are probably my favorite grits of all time. They have an amazing texture and a velvety-ness to them that instantly puts me in my happy place.  The Potato & Rutabaga Latka is a must order, served with an accord squash and green harissa cream, this dish looks a little funky when you see it but the balance of flavors and the crunchy texture of the latka makes it a MUST ORDER.

After we had officially over-eaten at Milktooth, we made our way down Virginia Avenue to The Fountain Square Theatre Building. This historic building features a Friday Night Swing Dance at least once a month, sponsored balls and is available to rent for special events.  With such a cool exterior, I can’t wait until the next time I’m there so I can check out the 40 foot domed ceilings feature inside.

A little ways down the road we stumbled upon a fun little boutique called Vintage Vogue. They had a great mixture of vintage clothing, as well as some great retro antiques and furniture.  It wasn’t until we were gathering all our finds to checkout that I realized this was Vintage Vogue by Goodwill.  They only offer a few boutique stores in the state of Indiana, with the other 2 store locations in Broadripple and Bloomington.  Items available at Vintage Vogue are selected from a small percentage of the donations they receive throughout Central and Southern Indiana, so you really have the chance to snag some cool stuff for a great price.

Now I would imagine at this point you might think we were still full from Milktooth, but when I plan day trips out, I plan them out around food! So, as we circled back around the square we stopped in at B’s Po’Boy to get our New Orleans fix.  I loved this little place, from the black, red, and white tile floor to the newly added outside seating area, it was the perfect place to unwind from shopping.  B’s Po’Boy has been open for 5 years now and offers a wide variety of New Orleans favorites.  Naturally, I had to have a Po’Boy and what better po’boy to enjoy than one filled with fried oysters flavored with Creole seasonings?  Fresh seafood isn’t the only thing B’s Po’Boy has to offer, they have lots of vegetarian and vegan options too, with a Black Bean Burger packed with red peppers, onions, and roasted garlic that was mouthwateringly good.

Our Fountain Square trip this time around ended up being a whole lot of food with a side of shopping, so be on the look-out for a Fountain Square Round 2 when we take another trip to check out Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling!



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