Day Trip

At Look At: Bakersfield

With the hope of warmer weather, comes the promise of music, sangrias, and outside eateries.  One of my favorites that we visited last fall after Cabrewing down the Canal was Bakersfields Mass Ave.  They have the perfect outside seating area that encourages restaurant goers to order up some drinks and dive into some tacos.  Located on Mass Ave in Indianapolis, this place has been one of my go-tos when I’m in Indy and craving some Mexican street fare.

I love their outside seating area.  They had plenty of picnic tables that are perfect for a group of friends.  And not only was the outside vibe amazing…

Their sangria was on point!  Not only did they have tasty sangrias, they boast a wide selection on tequila and whiskey.  Just want you need to get yourself in the street fare food mood.

Tostadas, tortas, and tacos…OH MY!  They’ve got you covered with all my Mexican favorites.  We started off with some guac, queso, and salsa for the table to share.  And moved it right along to some out our favorite street tacos.  I’ve never been able to resist a fried egg, so I had to add a tostada to my order and their Short Rib Tostada did not disappoint!  It was AMAZING!


Next time your browsing around Downtown Indiana and stumble upon Mass Ave.  Make it a point to stop on into Bakersfield Mass Ave and try yourself some of tacos and sangrias outside!


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