About Us

We are homegrown Hoosier 30-somethings with an ignited passion to highlight small businesses, good vibes, and community events. With Melissa‘s creative attention to detail, stunning photography skills, and love for adventure; Brittany‘s passion for food, presentation, and style; and Nicole‘s knowledge of beauty trends, social graces, and marketing expertise- we create a well-rounded recipe for success. This recipe just happens to have produced the most exquisite byproduct: Always Take the Scenic Route.

About Our Blog

Always Take the Scenic Route was born when we started getting so tired of the repetitive voices surround us saying, “there’s nothing to do here”. What better way to prove this theory wrong, then to take you on a journey, via the scenic route. Just because we live in a less populated area, this doesn’t mean you have to live a life of less adventure, style, or divulge in average tasting food. Enter an avenue where you can read our blog and be influenced by our social media presence to prove to you otherwise!