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Common Ground Yoga Studio

Terre Haute’s Common Ground Yoga Studio has opened a second location. Common Ground, which has one location on 25th Street, now has a second location on 7th Street. Owner, Kelsey Terry said, “We really out grew our first space.  Many of our classes were waitlisted and we want to make sure all our members can get all the yoga they want! We found out the 7th street space was available and we really couldn’t pass it up…it was too perfect!  I always dreamed of a downtown studio and loved all the development coming to the area.  It’s been so cool seeing people walking downtown with their mats in tow.” 

Common Ground offers six different variations of yoga classes, from “VinYin” and “Free Flow” classes to “Yoga Sculpt” and “Restorative Yin” classes. All of their classes (except for restorative) are heated to at least 80 degrees. Some of the more intense classes like “Power Yoga” and “Free Flow” are heated to 85. The heat helps to soothe joints and muscles all year long.

If you don’t feel comfortable attending in person or are too busy to make a class, they do offer an online option. Want to try out a range of classes? They are offering free community yoga classes on Fridays at 5:30pm. This free class rotates teachers and variations of yoga, so be ready to try anything.

The new space features large windows, exposed brick, and hardwood floors. You feel at ease as soon as you step foot inside. They’ve also added showers so yogis can come before work or during lunch.

They’ve added the following amenities 

  • Two Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Retail Space
  • Equipment for Class
  • Two seating areas

When asked why yoga is important, Kelsey explained, “Everyone needs and can benefit from yoga. This has always been true but now more than ever it is necessary that we all have ways to deal with the stress of our modern lives. The pandemic has magnified all the stressors in our lives and it’s really taking a toll. While yoga might just seem like putting your physical body into a bunch of weird poses, it’s actually giving us tools that we can use to reconnect, to breath, to self, to what’s important! I always joke that you can come to yoga with 99 problems and leave with non (or at least a lot less) and that’s what I think keeps people coming back. That and we have an awesome community of wholehearted, loving people who will just make your day better!”

Stop by their new downtown location at 123 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47803 or their East side location at 1625 South 25th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47803. Schedule your first class online at CommonGroundCrossfitandYoga.com.

New to yoga at Common Ground? The first class is free. They also have an amazing deal of 30 days unlimited yoga for $30! 

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