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A Look At: Rice & Pasta Shop

[Update: This restaurant is closed]

It’s CARB Day!!  Just kidding, that’s in May.  But seriously, if you’re looking for your carb fix before the big race, love pasta, or are just majorly looking for good new food in Terre Haute…then look no further than Rice & Pasta Shop.

Brought to you by the owner of my favorite take out restaurant, Royal Manadarin, this new downtown restaurant literally has a little bit of something for EVERYONE.  And the whole menu features my two favorite food groups…rice and pasta.  I wish I could take credit for the name, given that is contains my two favs, but the name is in the simplicity of what they are trying to do.  Rice and pasta, it’s that simple folks…and after stopping in and having a visit, it’s that good.

They boast an East meets West menu, but walking in I was surprised by what I encountered.  Maybe I had a preconceived notion of a downtown location, but I was expecting a small, cramped, and mixed match décor of a location.  Instead, I walked in to an open and inviting room that was a lot larger than expected, that seamlessly mixed farmhouse chic with an eastern flare and boosted 2 meeting areas that I’m gearing up to use for a small group of friends.

Enough about the looks, we all know why I’m here.  THE FOOD!  So, let’s talk menu, because honestly the space is cool but it’s always about the food.  I have to admit that at first glance at the menu, it can be a little overwhelming.  There are so many delicious sounding items, it’s literally all of your favorite carb foods available on one menu!  We wanted to try a little of everything, but naturally we had to get some appetizers first.  3 people…3 apps, because you just can’t go wrong with variety.  Now this is the one area of the menu that I didn’t eye spy a plethora of carbs, given the amount we were about to dive into for entrees I definitely didn’t feel like we were missing out not having them.

Pork Lettuce Wraps

From crab rangoon to pork lettuce wraps to calamari…we tasted, we sampled and we devoured.  Quite honestly we could have stopped there, we were so full.  They have a great range of apps to choose from, and since appetizers are one of my very favorite things to eat, I’ll be definitely be making a trip back for more!  Their entrée menu literally has something for everyone.  With the menu sectioned out by protein, it’s easy to find a section you’re interested in and go from there on narrowing it down.

I found so many different options I wanted to try, think of every favorite pasta or rice dish you love from any cuisine and it’s on their menu.  Their pork section features a RAMEN dish, which Melissa ordered (I definitely had food envy).  I crave seafood anywhere I go, so when I poured over the seafood section and saw SEAFOOD FEAST FROM THE EAST, I had to get it (I mean, the name alone sold me)!  Melissa’s sister rounded out our dinner trio with the classic and ever delicious Chicken Fettuccine that was creamy and flavorful.

Rice & Pasta Shop is located right in downtown Terre Haute on 6th Street.  They open up at 11am Monday thru Friday, so their location is the perfect new place to go to for lunch downtown.  If you can’t make it for lunch, don’t worry they are open until 9pm Monday thru Thursday and push back close to 10pm on Friday and Saturday.  I for one will be going back soon to indulge in a carb coma.  Got a new foodie joint you think we should check out and share with the world (or at least our little corner of it), let us know all about it in the comments below!


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