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A Look At: Federal Coffee + Fine Foods

You can feel the steady surge of excitement within the streets of downtown Terre Haute. Anticipation is high. We hear talks of a new coffee shop. Some of us check social media while others drive by the corner of Wabash and 7th Street to see what new additions have been made to this prime location. We see a team of people working hard to renovate the corner with their ladders and paint brushes. The whole aesthetic is changing and we want to witness the final result.

(ting, ting, ting) Let us help introduce you to: Federal. Specializing in coffee and fine foods.

Our interest was peaked the second we heard who was behind this wonderful business idea. The owners of The Butler’s Pantry and the Red Barn at Sycamore FarmGretchen and Kris Kraut.

Immediately, upon walking into Federal, your eyes are drawn to the intricate detail of the tiled floor. (The flooring was actually discovered during renovations and refinished to become a main ingredient in the overall design.) 

The clean, white subway tiles and cabinets make for a wonderful backdrop against the gold-finished light fixtures and blonde wood furniture. A pop of green in the ceiling just pulls the overall Scandinavian vibe together.

If you frequent coffee shops to get your caffeine fix, the amount of tables and seating alone are a reason to stop in. The delicious taste of the coffee & food will make you want to come back and visit Federal, several times over.

Gretchen & Kris had trouble agreeing on a name for the cafe until they stumbled upon old job applications for a bakery found in the basement of the shop. (The Federal Bake Shop opened in 1927 and sat where Crossroads Cafe is today.) Once they made this discovery, they were inspired to name their shop after the bakery, and Federal Coffee + Fine Foods was born.

Federal will be using Messenger Coffee in all of their coffee drinks. They will be featuring weekly roasts and have also created a few syrups made special, in-house.

In addition to coffee, they will also have refreshers (Federal Fizz), hot tea, chai, hot chocolate, kombucha, & non-alcoholic seasonal cocktails. 

I had the opportunity to taste the Frozen Federal with caramel syrup (pictured below). This drink is their take on a frozen coffee, and oh so delicious! (It’s the best I’ve ever had, and that’s not an exaggeration.)

Federal has an energetic staff willing to walk you through all of your coffee-ordering questions. Have a question about the menu? Just ask!

Let’s not forget about all of the fine food offerings.  The Federal pastry cases are filled with a variety of freshly-baked croissants, sweets, and bakery items.

Check out the grab-n-go fridge to pick up a quick bite for lunch made by The Butler’s Pantry and eat in-house or take your goodies to go.  

Do we have any Acai bowl fans out there? The staff is ready to get creative and make your smoothie bowl fresh-to-order. Seasonal fruits will be available to use for your order upon request.

All produce is sourced locally through the White Violet Center.

Gain inspiration while sitting down at the countertops along the windows inside.  The space is filled with a ton of natural light, and the local commuters and buzzing traffic will keep your creativity peaked while you work. Enjoy all of this while plugging in your tech and recharging with the USBs and outlets neatly organized underneath your work space. Talk about convenient.

Enjoy a delicious cup of joe on the “patio”. If the weather is nice, take the opportunity to sit at one of the numerous 8 tables outside! 

The 7th Street walk-up window, allows you the opportunity to speed up your commute. Literally, grab-and-go and be on your way without having to take off your coat. All coffee and food items will be available at the window, so don’t feel limited.

Visit Federal for opening day, on National Coffee Day! Their grand opening will be held on Tuesday, September 29th from 7a-8p.

Federal is open 7 days a week: Monday-Saturday 7a-8p and Sundays 7a-2p.

I encourage everyone to check out Federal. For the ambiance, flavor, food, or coffee. You can’t go wrong. If you are still operating on a remote schedule, come in and work while you let your taste buds do the exploring. Remember, a good coffee shop is an oasis for the creative mind.


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