Events: Sun King Brewery Dinner at Stables Steakhouse

When I think of Stables, I think of a nice date night or any other “special occasion”– but did you know they offer an evening with a special menu paired specifically with different breweries each month?! A friend of mine found this fun tasting event on Eventbrite and we had to check it out!

First off, who doesn’t enjoy everything Stables has to offer, but add in Sun King Brewery and we were sold! I wasn’t really sure what to expect walking in, but it was a really neat experience. Everyone who had purchased tickets were sat at a long community table together, so we made some new acquaintances throughout the evening!

GFJ Grapefruit Jungle, American IPA brewed with passionfruit, tangerine, apricot and orange ABV 7.5 IBU 77 paired with a Tamarind-Glazed Drumette

Grapefruit Jungle was the first brew of the night and my personal fave! The chef paired this with none other than a chicken leg, but she did a fantastic job. The meat was super juicy under the crunchy skin and complimented the IPA very nicely.

Dirty Rice Stuffed Pablanos paired with Jimmy Jam Flanders, Belgian-style Flanders Ale fermented over grapes in a red wine barrel for tart berry flavor ABV 6.5 IBU 23


I’m not usually a fan of Sours… but with the stuffed pepper was had up next, Jimmy Jam was the perfect drink! It amazes me how the chef can taste these different beers and just create a dish based off that and it’s perfection! (I guess that’s why she’s the chef and I’m not.. hehe)

October Fest, German Lager ABV 5.7 IBU 23 paired with Espresso Rubbed Waygu Beef Sliders

Ok, I’m a sucker for a good burger and this next one was nothing short of delicious! This little slider was accompanied by the seasonal Oktoberfest, which is more up my alley as far as beer goes. The pickle you see on top was even soaked in another Sun King beer named Wee Mac (fabulous). The waffle fries were an added bonus, but this little meal was a favorite all around the table.

Cubano w/ Porketta and City Ham
From Goose the Market paired with Velour Soccer Mom, Raspberry Hibiscus Ale ABV 5.5 IBU 20

If you are a Sour fan, you missed out on this night for sure. Our next sandwich was the chef’s own rendition of a Cuban and was superb! She paired it with Velour Soccer Mom and once again, I tried something I didn’t think I would like, but was made a fan. I never would have put these two together, but I’m so glad they were!

Timmi NITRO, Russian-style Imperial Stout with rich black molasses blended with brown sugar and dark chocolate over a creamy nitro finish ABV 9.2 IBU 80

Last but certainly not least, dessert! At this point I was so full, I didn’t think I could touch another bite or have one more sip of anything else. A few minutes later came the trays of cupcakes looking almost too good to eat and were also served a nice stout called Timmie Nitro. The two of these tasted like heaven!

If you’re looking for something different to try with your beau or just a group of friends, I highly suggest checking out the next Stables/Brewery Dinner. My friends and I had such a good time trying all the yummy dishes and who doesn’t like tasting brews you normally wouldn’t? I really enjoyed the open table seating as well because we were able to converse with others and make some new friends throughout the night!

As always, if you have anything you would like us to check out– shoot us a message and we would be more than happy to go on a new adventure!


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