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Listen Up: Johnny & June’s

Summer is slowly winding down.  And as we start to see the first signs of fall on these hot and humid August days, it’s a sad reminder that summer concert season is going to come to an end soon.  Which is only one reason why I am so excited about this gem that we found, so grab your friends, party hat, and dancing shoes…we’re heading to Johnny & June’s.

Located just 1 hour away in Flora, IL Johnny & June’s is an old car dealership that was renovated by owners Dustin and Kathy Smith into a rustic entertainment venue and reception hall.  As a lover of all things vintage and industrial, when we first walked into Johnny & June’s for their 2nd Annual Summer Luau, I was instantly charmed.

Full of exposed brick, old barn wood, and plenty of original Johnny Cash & June Carter artwork; I had the feels the moment I walked it and we hadn’t even gotten to the music yet.  After I had geeked out over the walls and the ceiling, I took a closer look at the actual space itself.  You can’t miss the double sided bar that was serving up some delicious cocktails specially crafted for their event.  It was through this amazing bar, that you could first hear the music pouring out into the lounge.  You were instantly immersed in the music, no matter where you stood, you were greeted by sound without actually being in the room with the band.

We came to Flora to help celebrate their 2nd Annual Luau featuring The Boat Drunks.  If you’ve ever sung to yourself that its 5 o’clock somewhere then you would have loved their vibe.  We spent most of the night listening to music and dancing away under their ginormous ceiling fan in their reception hall.  With seating for up to 350 guests, this space not only features amazing music events but it’s also available to rent for special events (I swear if the music wasn’t going I would have heard wedding bells ringing nonstop).

Johnny & June’s love for music doesn’t just stop at their venue.  This year they are hosting the first ever Jasper County Country Fest.  Yes, I said music fest, and YES, you need to be there!  Headlining their first ever country fest is the famed Montgomery Gentry, and plenty of other special guests!  Show starts at 2pm in a little under 2 weeks on Saturday, August 25th.

The Smith’s hospitality is unquestionable.  They work every day to provide the utmost service and experience for every single person that walks through their doors.  Melissa and I for one, want to wish them a heartfelt gratitude for welcoming us to Johnny & June’s and letting us share such an amazing night with our families and friends.


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