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Around Town: Fresh on Cypress at Miller Farms

There is honestly nothing better than buying fresh grown local produce at the fraction of the cost, especially if you’ve picked it yourself. Fresh on Cypress at Miller Farms is a U-Pick Farm in Southern Terre Haute, Indiana that specializes in Blackberries.  

The blackberry farm was started in 2016 and officially opened for business last year.  Owned and run by the Miller family who is local to the area (Lindy, Marilyn, Ben, & Christina), the farm is sure to stick around for future generations to enjoy.

A U-Pick farm is a type of farm-to-table strategy where the emphasis is on customer’s doing the harvesting themselves. I have many fond memories with my siblings and parents where we traveled to pick fresh strawberries in the Summer.

Miller Farms blackberries are available pre-picked if you don’t feel like doing any of the labor but I highly recommend picking your own berries just for the experience.  The price is cheaper than local and chain grocery stores and if you can’t make it to the farm, they also sell their delicious blackberries at the Terre Haute & Linton Farmer’s Markets every week.  The blackberries are sold by weight, with one pound averaging a quart sized container.

We met Marilyn, one of the owners of the farm, when we pulled up and she was super helpful in getting us started and sharing the best berries to pick for a sweeter taste. (Taste testing is free if you sneak a few berries while your picking.) We picked about 6 quarts between the 3 of us and took them home to make a blackberry compote for ice cream sundaes.  I also added them to a salad to add some sweetness & texture. I am planning on picking up some more this weekend at the farmer’s market, because they were so good!

This is also a great opportunity to support your local farming economy.  Buying local is kinder on your wallet and you feel good supporting someone local.  Also, it definitely does not hurt that these blackberries are the biggest berries you will ever lay your eyes on, and they taste amazing too!

Every year the farm hosts a kick off party to celebrate their season and it features live music, games for the kids, food trucks, & prizes.  Be sure to follow Fresh on Cypress at Miller Farms on Facebook to stay up to date on their produce and any events they host.  The farm is located at 15200 S Cypress St. in Terre Haute, Indiana.  They are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 8am-7pm and Sundays 10am-5pm.


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