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Around Town: Drive-In Movie Theaters

Jason…Michael…Casper…Annebelle!!  There are SO many amazing scary movies out there that are just perfect for this time of year.  You could be boring and watch all these movies from the comfort of your own couch, but why be basic when there are some amazing drive-ins to up the scare level of your favorite flick.  We’ve got a round up of all our favorite local drive-in movie theaters you need to hit this weekend!

Moon Light Drive-In Theater

Moon Lite Drive In Theater is our local FAVORITE!  If you have to go anywhere, this is a must stop on the drive-in list no matter the time of year.  Located on the north side of Terre Haute, they have a great line up of Halloween flicks coming up as well as a Trunk or Treat event!

Centerbrook Drive-In

Centerbrook Drive-In is located about 15 miles outside of Indy, so it’s a little bit more of a drive.  But if you are looking for LEGIT scary, Centerbrook has their October Frights still going on.  Not only do their October Frights include Zombieland  2: Double Tap and Night of the Living Dead this weekend; but they also have “scares”.  And by scares…they mean SCARES roaming the lot during the movies…eek!!  Centerbrook Drive In also has nightly Paranormal Tours, so if this is truly your holiday, this is where you need to go!

Tibb’s Drive-In Theatre

Tibb’s Drive-In Theatre is also a bit of a drive, however with 4 SCREENS it is well worth the trek.  There is a little something for any level of scary you’re into.  Joker, Lost Boys, Zombieland 2, and Beetlejuice are just a few of the offerings for this weekend…just keep in mind this is Tibb’s Drive-In’s LAST WEEKEND of the 2019 season.


After our adventure to Illinois to watch IT at the drive-in a few years ago, I’m pretty convinced that the only time you should watch a scary movie is outside at the theater.  Enjoy and scary and be sure to let us know what your favorite SCARY MOVIE is!



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