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A Look At: District 6 Market

Driving along State Road 46, you start to let your eyes wander as you glance over all of the colorless fields of crop and corn, trying to spot a cow, some birds, or a speck of color, to give yourself some sense of distraction. Heading south from the hustle and bustle that is Meijer and Walmart; you will only have to travel a few miles before you spot a sudden clearing with a beautiful greenhouse, rows of vibrant flowers and even some seasonal pumpkins. Seeing this sight along the scenic route only means one thing; you’ve made it to District 6 Market.

Rewind back to 2015 when District 6 Farms originated. Austin and Kristin, husband and wife, decided to take their shot at growing blackberries and stepping into the world of produce. With all of their hard work, they mastered the production of blackberries, turning out 50 pounds of fresh blackberries each year.

After much success with their blackberry farm, Austin and Kristin are now taking a crack at a new venture. In 2019, District 6 Market was born into a new location with fresh new ideas where you can find a growing nursery, Indiana-grown produce, and family fun.

With the black cloud that is COVID-19, many of our norms have been switched up from what we’re used to. Where we once shopped for convenience, we may have had to look elsewhere due to shortages on the shelves or just an over abundance of people flooding the aisles at our regular stops. A lot of us just felt safer buying groceries online or cutting back on shopping trips as a whole.

With this unwelcome virus, District 6 Market switched up their procedures for their own customers. You can go online to their website (district6market.com) and find all of their high-quality, excellent tasting produce, right at your fingertips. Online ordering seems to be a trend these days at your average grocery store, but District 6 Market works with vendors that will bring you the best of the best when it comes to produce.

Who knows how many times those green peppers have been touched at the grocery store. District 6 Market brings you produce that comes directly from a farmer, untouched by anyone else. When you go to pick up your produce, you will be greeted by either Austin or Kristin who will then personally load your products in your vehicle to keep the experience 100% hands free. What a homegrown, local experience for the highest-quality produce around!

Saturdays are a bit different around District 6 Market. Austin and Kristin wanted to bring you an “experience” on the weekend for your friends and family to enjoy. Pop on over on a Saturday between 9am-6pm, to take a stroll through the beautiful budding mums. Check out the newly harvested pumpkin patch and grab a few pictures to get into the fall spirit. Explore the two tents full of high-quality produce while your kids go grab a snack from the food truck. Give yourself an opportunity to get out of the house, breath in the crisp fall air, and have a conversation with Austin and Kristin. (They’re so cordial).

Throughout the nursery, you will see shrubs, trees, and flowers galore. See any trees or shrubs you like? Definitely take District 6 Market up on their deal of buy 3 or more, and they will plant them for you- for free! Have a grouping of flowers you’d rather the two pair together for you in a nice planter? They’ve got you covered. A completely custom experience provided to you by this super friendly duo.

Planning on attending the Cory Apple Fest this year (Sept. 25, 26, 27th)? Stop into District Market 6 on your way to or from the event. They will be hosting a “Fall Frenzy” event with handfuls of vendors selling anything from handmade earrings to home decor, and even local boutique clothing.

Sept 25th+26th: 9am-7pm

Sept 27th: 9am-5pm

Stock up on all of their new and favorite produce and products and get into the fall spirit with some flavorful pumpkin butter, apple chips, or even their brand new District 6 Market Pumpkin Patch Coffee! This will be a great stop to prep you for Cory Apple Fest. District 6 Market will even have some live-entertainment while your shopping and will turn up the tunes when there are music breaks at Cory Apple.

I think enough of us miss that homegrown, local feel these days. This is your chance to get that feeling back. Visit District 6 Market on State Road 46, a few miles South of the I-70 ramp. Check them out Wed, Thurs, and Fridays from 10am-5pm. Saturdays for their Forks+Flowers events from 9am-6pm. Or stop in on your scenic Sunday drive from 11am-6pm.

When you visit, send a big hello to Austin, Kristin, and their adorable kids from us!


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