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Valentine’s Day Candy & Wine Pairing

This month we tried something completely NEW & DIFFERENT!  We filmed our first YouTube video starring 2 out of the 3 members of Always Take The Scenic Route and we had a BLAST! This month is full of firsts, as we also filmed the video about pairing different wines with tasty Valentine’s Day candy, which we don’t have much experience in.  But HEY we did our best, had fun doing it, and we think you will get a kick out of it too!

Let me preface this video by saying two things: (1) We didn’t plan the wines very well and weren’t prepared for some of them going SOUR and just plain disgusting, but we went with it for you guys! (2) Our camera quit recording about a quarter of the way through and since we didn’t have a camera man, we kept going and drinking without any documentation.  Some of the best stuff wasn’t caught on film, but that didn’t stop us from drinking even more wine so we could get all our shots in! ENJOY

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