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Snowed In

So it might have warmed up a bit this week, but we’re not out of the winter weeds yet!  And while we are always trying to find fun, new, & exciting things to do that take us out of the house.  We fall victim to the winter blues just like everyone else.  So to fight off the boredom, we’ve compiled a few lists of things to do inside to stay busy, need a NETFLIX & CHILL night…we’ve got you covered with a list of our favorites.  Hosting friends at your house this weekend?  There are loads of fun games to play inside of all to enjoy!


There are so many hilarious games to play with a crowd!  Here are some of our very favorites they are sure to entertain the masses.

LEFT, RIGHT, & CENTER—this game is addicting, but you better bring your dollar bills.

Exploding Kittens–the name literally is why!

Cards Against Humanity—you’ve known it, you’ve played it…don’t stop!

Clue: Game of Thrones Edition—Clue is my favorite board game, and Game of Thrones?  I just HAD to add this to the list!  Winter is Coming…wait, ITS HERE!

Netflix & Chill

The concept isn’t new…but these binge worthy series are!  Check them out the next time your snowed in and let us know what some of your favorites are.

Mindhunter – new personal favorite.  If you have any interest in FBI stories and a Hollywood look at the FBI’’s BAU unit and the evolutions of the term serial killers than you have to check this series.

Black Mirror – me, just trust me…this series will BLOW YO MIND!  Each episode is a stand-alone, so you don’t have to watch it in order!

Stranger Things – you haven’t watched it yet…you might just be living under a rock.  Or you have a much more exciting life than I do J

Godless – haven’t watch this yet, so watch at your own risk.  It’s on my “to watch list”, and in fact it’s probably how I’ll be spending this weekend.

Handmaids Tale…Travelers..The Wire..The Crown..Ozark…we could go on and on about binge filled TV time, but lets mix things up and find some other great things to do inside!

Project Time!

If DIY is your thing, then now is the time to do it!  Grab that old chair you’ve been meaning to update and get to work.  Last weekend I took a couple of old stools that I had and gave them a little make over that only took 2 hours.  You only need a few items and this project is so easy you don’t even need page long directions.  Just a little paint (I just Chalk Paint in Charcoal), batting foam, & new fabric (I have a solid coffee addiction that I support daily, so I used burlap coffee bean bags that my good friends at REX ROASTING COMPANY let me have).  Paint brush, staple gun, and scissors are the only “equipment” you need to get this project going and voila, you’re done!


If Netflix ain’t you thing, or you just need a break from the screen, books are my very favorite reprieve.  One of my partners in crimes created a great must read book list.  Grab a cozy blanket, a glass of wine (okay, a bottle), and dig in.

Have other great things you like to do inside?  We’re always updating our lists, so drop us a line and let us know!


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