Drink of the Month

Drink of the Month: Garden Fresh Bloody Mary

Summer is still holding on by a thread, and with that comes that last final push of garden tomatoes.  By this point you’ve gotten away all that you can from your abundant hoard and you’ve exhausted every Pinterest-worthy tomato recipe you could find.  Now is the final push.  And you are all TOMATOED out.  So, in true Always Take the Scenic Route fashion, we’ve got you covered.  Cocktail style…with our September Drink of the Month.

By now, I think all of you are aware that Melissa and I are HUGE brunch fans.  Give me great friends, mimosas, and any sort of sunny side up egg and I am in brunch bliss.  Over the last year we’ve seen a lot of our local favorites (we see you Terre Haute Brewing Company, Charlie’s, and Red Barn!), really upping their brunch game.  And we’ve been over the moon with the variety of Sunday Funday brunch locations.  That said, whose to say you can’t brunch like a boss at home sometimes too?

With our Garden Fresh Bloody Mary mix you just need a bottle of your fav VODKA and a trio of killer garnishes (bacon, olives, and lime wedges are come of my favorites).  The great thing about this recipe is it is super easy to make.  Rough chop everything, B2B (bring to boil) then R2S (reduce to simmer) that bad boy for 2 hours.  Blend everything up, add in your seasoning and your are SET.  If your looking for more depth of flavor…ditch the stock pot and roast everything instead.  Now that your all ready for your next brunch party, don’t forget to send us an invite…we never say no to a good brunch!




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