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Drink of the Month: Citrus Basil Spritzer

Summer might not “officially” be upon us yet, but this last week we’ve started to see the sneak peeks of a sweltering Hoosier summer.  Nothing cools you down like a cool, light cocktail and we’ve got just the thing for you with our Drink of the Month – Citrus Basil Spritzer.

Nothing beats summer days, and while we are all trying to enjoy the outside weather and partake in a barbecue or two, you need to cool down somehow.  Why not with a cold and refreshing concoction that is perfect for hot summer days.  Our Citrus Basil Spritzer is easy to make and uses just 4 ingredients (5 if you count the ice).  If you want to take it a step further on downsizing that ingredient list, just skip the lemon juice all together and replace with a lemon-flavored vodka.


Not a cocktail fan?  Check out our summer beer list, we are still crushing on Rhinegeist Bubbles and they have an all new flavor that is perfect for your cooler.



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