Drink of the Month

Cilantro Lime Splasher

Most of us are finally starting to feel the heat of summer! We’re all ready for poolside days, loads of sunshine, vacations, and SUMMER DRINKS. With summer comes light and refreshing flavors that are sure to cool you down on those hot summer days. We put our own twist on a light summer version of the classic Gin & Tonic with this Cilantro-Lime Splasher.

To make this easy drink, you’ll only need FOUR items. Gin, soda (or tonic water), lime juice, and cilantro. You’ll want to place the cilantro in the shaker first and muddle that with an ounce of lime juice to bring out the natural flavors of the cilantro. Add in the remaining ingredients, shake, and POUR!

If you are wanting to get fancy AF. You can mix up some salt & sugar and dip the rim of the glass in that for a salty sweet kick to add to the drink. Cheers!

Cilantro Lime Splasher

  • 1-2 oz Gin
  • 2 oz lime juice
  • 1/4 cup cilantro lleaves, Fresh
  • 1-2 oz tonic water

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