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Around Town: Trivia Night at WaterTower Estates

From the fun & ridiculous team names to the competitive atmosphere, trivia night is a great way to draw in dozens of patrons for a few hours of eating, drinking, & good times.  This past week the Always Take The Scenic Route duo (Melissa & Brittany) teamed up with some friends to attend one of WaterTower Estates weekly trivia nights.  This past week their trivia theme was Friends and as someone who owns the box sets of the best show on television, I wasn’t going to miss out on this one!  

The event starts at 6pm at WaterTower Estates located on Springhill Drive. I HIGHLY recommend going at least 30 minutes early to snag a parking spot & table.  We were able to grab one of the last tables, but they go fast so be prepared if you are coming with a big group.  The trivia night takes place inside the beautiful red barn behind the boutique & storefront.  The winery has a bar located inside the barn where drinks & cheese plates are available for purchase.  They don’t offer big meals for purchase but do allow you to bring in your own food, which was great.

Your team can consist of a small or big group, there are no limits on team sizes. This location also doesn’t ask for a entry fee, so it’s totally free to bring a team and play. We had a team of 7 members, and only 4 had ever watched the show Friends (Brittany just finished season one) but everyone still had a blast.  Once everyone gets settled into their seats, has their team names picked out, & drinks purchased, trivia begins.
The trivia event is cut into 3 phases.  3 pieces of paper were handed out to write our responses down.  The first round consisted of 10 questions that were way tougher than you’d expect i.e. How many couch cushions were on the sofa located in Central Perk? The answer is ONE.  These answers are then turned in & totaled up, the top teams and their scores are then revealed on the screen so everyone knows where they stand.  We were tied for first place, so we knew this was going to be tough to stay on top.

Then we took a halftime break and in this period of time all drinks purchased go towards your total score.  One drink for yourself equals 1 point, one drink for a stranger is 2 points, & purchasing a bottle of wine equals 3 points.  So if you are thirsty, try to wait until halftime to get all those extra points needed to win.  After the halftime break is complete, it’s time for round 2.  Round 2 consists of 10 more tough questions your team has to answer before submitting to the judges.  The answers are tabulated along with your bonus points earned from wine purchases and scores are once again revealed. This time our team was ahead by 9 points due to our wine purchases, we couldn’t help ourselves.The last round is a Jeopardy style round with one final question.  You are first asked how many points you want to wager before the question is even asked.  Everyone was wagering all points, so we decided to go all in.  We ended up answering the question correctly and won 1st place.  The 1st place prize was a $10 gift card to WaterTower Estates with the 2nd place team receiving a $5 gift card.  Our team had a blast playing trivia and conversing with friends over strong wine.

We definitely plan on heading back soon when one of their trivia themes peaks our interest again.  I highly recommend checking out this weekly event at WaterTower Estates with friends & family to test your trivia skills.  The trivia nights take place every Thursday evening from 6-8pm at the winery.


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