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Hot Chocolate Round Up

December is that special time of year, where there aren’t just seasonal food and drinks you love, but drinks that are perfect just for this month.  One of those drinks for me, is Hot Chocolate.  As we start the last weekend before Christmas, we know many of you will be enjoying all of the Christmas lights to see and outside festivities.  Hot Chocolate is the perfect drink to warm up with, and we have plenty of places around town putting their spin on this chocolate-y classic.  We’ve done the work and given you a round up of all our local favs serving up hot chocolate goodness.

Sugar Studio by Tiers of Elegance

We have to start off “unconventional” because the Hot Cocoa Bombs from Sugar Studio check all the boxes for some at home hot chocolate fun.  Available for pre-order, these unique cocoa bombs are now also available in their walk-in shop daily, so no need to kick yourself for forgetting.  You can still place orders on their website to ensure you get your hot cocoa fix just when you need it.  Otherwise, they are open Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am-5:30pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm.

Java Haute

Want to skip the cold weather and stay in your car?  No worries!  Java Haute’s drive up is giving all of us anti-cold weather people just what we need to help us get our hot chocolate fix.  Conveniently located just down the road from Deming Park’s, Christmas in the Park, Java Haute is open Monday-Friday 6am-10pm.  Get one of their crafted hot-chocolates in their new double-walled cups (we love hot chocolate, not burnt hands), or jazz it up with one of their house-made syrups (hint: MINT).

Little Bear Coffee Co

Speaking of drive-thru, Little Bear is just the place to go when looking for a great place to grab a hot drink or one of their tantalizing holiday Bear Bombs!!  Located on the north side, Little Bear Coffee Co. is open Monday-Friday 6am-8pm, Saturday 8am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-5pm.

Clabber Girl Bake Shop Cafe

Need a little hot chocolate pick me up during the day?  Clabber Bake Shop Café is just the place to stop by when your on the go.  Their curb-side pick up service is open Monday-Friday 8am-1pm.  Their taking tons of cookies orders that pair perfect with your hot chocolate so be sure to get yourself a dozen (or maybe two!)

Federal Coffee + Fine Food

Whether your strolling downtown or stopping in to relax, Federal is a must stop for a variety of hot chocolate goodness.  We might like it hot, but Federal hasn’t forgotten about you frozen drink lovers.  They also have a Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate available on their Winter Seasonal Sips Menu.  Located right at the crossroads on the corner of 7th and Wabash, Federal Coffee is open Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm and Sunday 7am-2pm.

So, as you heat up your cars and get ready to see some lights this weekend, remember we have many local places that are just waiting to help keep you warm with one of their hot chocolate drinks!



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