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Around Town: Bad Axe Throwing

Move over bowling, axe-throwing is the new league sport. In cities around the nation, ax-throwing has become the latest craze. We decided to take it for a spin and introduce you to your newest obsession!Axe throwing as a sport isn’t new, and in fact might be one of the oldest in existence. But in 2006, the sport was revamped and The Backyard Axe Throwing League was born. Today there are hundreds of axe throwing venues across Canada and the USA. We recently visited Bad Axe Throwing in downtown Indianapolis to check out this crazy sport.
The website states that you can book an axe throwing lane if you have a minimum of 8 people. This would be ideal if you had a larger group and it guarantees you that there is no wait time.  Axe-throwing is a great idea for a birthday party or work event. We had a group of 5, so we checked their walk-in schedule and were able to get a lane without a reservation. Upon walking in and filling out the waivers, we were greeted by Hadley (our axe throwing coach/bartender) who set us up in a lane. She walked us through how to throw the axe, how scoring worked, and a few games we could play once we got more comfortable.
Besides axe throwing, this space has beer and wine for sale. We recommend taking it easy on the booze so no one looses a finger, but the staff reassured us that there have been no freak accidents so far. Bad Axe Throwing also allows you to bring your own food. This is perfect if you plan on hosting a party or hanging out for a couple hours. Pricing ranges from $26-$40 per person depending on the group size.
If you find yourself loving this sport and spending a lot of time here, you can join the Axe Throwing League. The league runs for 8 weeks and there are a couple different categories you can participate in. If you are really good, you might end up at the World Axe Throwing League Championships and your friends can watch you on ESPN.

This sport isn’t just for adults. Kids can participate provided they can throw the axe in a safe manner with a guardian or parent present. They do have itty bitty axes they can use as well. It can be a little daunting at first, but once we got the hang of everything, our time throwing axes flew by. FYI, this is a work out and you will be sore the next day.

We would definitely recommend trying out Bad Axe Throwing if you ever find yourself downtown and in need of something different to do.


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