What We Love

What We’re Loving Right Now

We are trying out a new segment this month where our team provides you with what we just can’t live without.  Whether it’s a specific item, place, or activity we will let you in on our most loved of the month. 


Brittany is currently loving Yoga.  She took her first class at the Terre Haute Brewing Company back in January at one of their Beer+Yoga events.  From then on out she’s been determined to practice yoga in the comforts of her own home and she is loving it.  It was a new and unexpected activity that she is really enjoying and she hopes to keep on track.

Essential Oils

Melissa is currently kind of obsessed with diffusing essential oils. She wasn’t really into spending an arm & leg on oils and a fancy diffuser, until she came across Edens Garden on Instagram. Eden’s Garden isn’t a subscription service or a company where you have to go through a representative, you just click “add to cart” and you’re done. She’s had some trouble sleeping the past few months and she has some anxiety issues so going to bed with a clear mind is never in the cards.  She purchased the relaxation blend for $6.95 and has been sleeping like a baby ever since.  What many first notice when exploring essential oils is the aroma. The fragrant notes captivate the senses and can spark emotions or feelings. Smell is the most sensitive of the five senses and studies show that nearly 75% of emotions are prompted by scent. Traveling internally through the olfactory cells, aroma interacts with the limbic system and delivers an emotional response.

Sea Salt Spray

Heather is using Sea Salt Spray and she is loving the results! It has been cutting down on her morning routine & creates beautiful tousled beach waves.  The sea salt also helps dry your hair faster, so you are out the door looking great in minutes without causing damage with heat.

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