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Taste Terre Haute: Fifi’s Lunch Box

Did somebody say BACON?  If I love one thing about this event, it’s getting to tap into my inner foodie and talk with others who are just as passionate about the food they are preparing and serving as I am.  With a mission statement that is all about providing the very best quality possible and sourcing as many local vendors as they can, there wasn’t much that I didn’t love when visiting FiFi’s Lunch Box on our TASTE Terre Haute adventure.

Taste Terre Haute will run for two weeks; July 16th – July 27th.  The event will highlight a variety of restaurants in the Wabash Valley and showcase their unique offerings.  Every participant will be asked to offer a “deal” aka their own “taste” to diners, whether that is a special menu, free dessert, specialty cocktail, percentage off a meal; the specials are up to each individual restaurant.  Fifi’s Lunch Box is a member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and for Taste Terre Haute they are offering a special menu.

Fifi’s is offering their exclusive menu for $15 a person or $30 for 2 guests.  Guests select 1 appetizer; choosing from their HBC Balls, Smothered Fries or Monster Fries, or Fried Pickles.  Neither Melissa, nor myself had ever had the famed HBC Balls (chilled hashbrown casserole that’s been breaded then deep fried), so we decided to order those and get them ANGRY.  With bits of jalapeno mixed in with the casserole and sriracha sauce drizzled over the top, these we’re a perfect way to kick off the meal.  I should mention however that they are highly addictive (you’ve been warned).

Claudine Hann and Jacqueline Ruff first started Fifi’s as a food truck traveling to local festivals in the area offering up some tricked out dogs, burgers, and desserts for all to enjoy.  As their business grew, they begin using a location in north Terre Haute as a commissary kitchen for preparing and creating the dishes they were best known for.  But the dream didn’t stop there.  They had already branched out into catering, but the goal was a storefront.  And in 2015 they achieved that goal, opening up their location on Wabash Ave and welcoming the public through their doors.  3 years later, and Fifi’s continues to grow and expand from all the local support and opened up their second location in Brazil, IN.

Now, while the HBC Balls lived up to all the hype I had heard about them.  I would be doing YOU a disservice if I didn’t tell you about the entrees, because this is where their taste menu truly shines.  They have a wide range of entrees to choose from, with each person getting to select 1 entrée from the 9 options available on this menu.  We sampled 4 of the entrees; Jett’s Addiction, Smothered Chicken, Cluck Norris, and Farm Twisted BLT.  Each entrée tells a story about what Fifi’s is about and the food that represents them, and the Farm Twisted BLT is the dish I think defines them the most.

Loaded with crispy bacon (Fifi’s = Bacon, Bacon = Fifi’s), this dish is ONLY available during Taste Terre Haute and is absolutely a sandwich you cannot miss out on.  It has locally sourced fresh fried green tomatoes that set it apart from your ordinary BLT with a housemade garlic rosemary aioli that gives the sandwich an amazing herbaceous quality.  Let’s not forget, it also has a fried egg in there…and well, we all know I have a food love affair with fried eggs.

Jett’s Addiction speaks to Fifi’s unwavering quality of supporting and highlighting local area businesses with the famed SQUARE DONUT topped with a bacon cheeseburger and smothered in delicious beer cheese.  If you are a chicken and waffles fan, the Cluck Norris is for you.  If the name alone doesn’t make you want to order it, the housemade Liege waffles will.  But let’s get serious for a minute, I know what all of you have really been waiting for…DESSERT.  Fifi’s is known for some pretty amazing housemade desserts, but we could not resist diving into their Banana Split Milkshake.  It is everything they promise and more, from the over the top size to the fresh fruit and sprinkles; this is the perfect shake for sharing (or don’t share…we won’t judge!).

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone at Fifi’s for making us feel welcomed and for the opportunity to sample and taste all their amazing menu items.  We hope ALL of you take this opportunity to stop in and take advantage of this specular event put on by the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Pepsi Refreshment Services.

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