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Travel Guide: Waco, TX

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you know who Chip & Joanna Gaines are and how they’ve changed and dominated the home decor world.  What started out as a a little remodeling show on HGTV called “Fixer Upper” has turned into 4 best-selling books, a restaurant, a market that put Waco on the map, multiple home decor lines including furniture, paint, decor, rugs, and the list keeps growing. In June, I was lucky enough to be able to visit the town of Waco, Texas made famous by “Fixer Upper”. I am going to share with you my experience with this quaint & unique town full of updated farmhouses and the Gaines family.  Waco, Texas is not only famous for the Magnolia Franchise but they are also the birthplace of the best drink on the planet, Dr. Pepper! If you’ve got more time than just one afternoon, I suggest checking out some of Waco’s famous landmarks and museums. One big tip I want to lay out is that if you plan on visiting Waco for the Silos & Magnolia Table, I suggest visiting during the week.  The crowd is much smaller and the wait times aren’t as long.  Do not go on a weekend unless you are prepared to be there for a long time and feel like waiting 4 hours for a cupcake.My favorite part of the entire trip was brunch at Magnolia Table.   Originally a cafe built in 1919, Chip & Joanna renovated this restaurant into a breakfast and lunch spot specializing in fresh, homegrown ingredients, and good old fashioned cooking.  You can’t go wrong with any option you choose off the menu, seriously, the food is exceptional.  Much of the produce used in the restaurant is grown locally at Joanna’s garden, and many of the eggs come from her chickens too!  If you can’t make time to sit down and enjoy the ambiance and space, stop by the Take Away + Market where items are already prepackaged and ready to go.  Once you arrive at Magnolia Table, you step into a queue line to put your name in and are told they will text you when your table is ready.  This is a good time to check out their on-site Market if you want to pick up a cook book or some local goods.  There is also a kiosk outside where you can purchase select pastries and coffee while you wait for your table. They also have a covered patio area where you can wait, the employees will help the time pass with some fun factoids about Waco.  The overall wait was about an hour and they do not take reservations, so there will always be a wait.Once you are seated the service is fast and the food comes out quick.  They have the process down, so they can get you in and out in a timely fashion.  Magnolia Table is open Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm so it focuses mainly on Breakfast & Lunch items.  If you want a glimpse into Joanna’s kitchen, I feel like this is the closest you will get.  Amazing tile floors, metal signs, live plants, and a neutral color scheme fills the restaurant. Again, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. The turkey sandwich is enormous, so split it with a friend and add a side of tots.  Their avocado toast is also amazing and their homemade juices are delicious and fresh. #RestaurantGoalsOur next stop was the Silos at Magnolia Market, this is the most visited spot in Waco and honestly I think it is over hyped.  We probably got through all the spots to check out at the Silos in less than 2 hours, so plan accordingly.  If you are staying in Waco or have more than one day to visit, I wouldn’t go to Magnolia Table & Magnolia Market on the same days.  The Silos are filled with food trucks and we were too chucked to think about fitting more food in our bellies.  I think the food trucks are definitely something to experience and enjoy so come hungry.  Take some time and relax on the lawn.  They have a huge open space full of games perfect for the whole family.  The lawn was pretty packed and there weren’t really any seats open so we didn’t really hang around.  This is a where you can melt away your woes and chill.  Stop by Magnolia Seed + Supply if you want to check out seasonal produce, flowers, and the garden shop. They sell gardening tools, flower-growing kits, fairy garden supplies, and planting vessels. I feel like this shop is only useful if you live in the area or can transport living plants easily. Treat yo’self to one of Joanna’s famous cupcakes before you leave.  Silos Baking Co. is an on-site bakery filled with Joanna’s personal recipes and hand-picked favorites. We only had to wait about 15 minutes to get our cupcakes but rumor has it that on weekend the wait is a few hours.  The seasonal cupcakes change out every season, so each visit there will be something new to try.The last spot at the Silos is what we’ve all come for, the main attraction, Magnolia Market.  I was a little disappointed because most of the items sold in Magnolia Market are sold online through their website.  If you are traveling it’s probably better to just purchase things online to be shipped to your home, but don’t get me wrong, we left with a huge sack full of goodies. Including jewelry, giant candles, & the comfiest tanks on this planet.We finished with the Silos at Magnolia Market within less than 2 hours of arriving so we were able to check out some other little gems around the area.  I highly suggest stopping across the street to The Findery, their style is very much like Magnolia and they actually have two shops within the same block.  We also shopped at the Spice Village, totally not what you think of when you hear of spices.  This Village is packed with a collection of shops ranging from kids, baby, home decor, jewelry, souvenirs, candles, clothing, and so much more! It’s 30,000 square feet of heaven.

I hope this little overview of my recent trip to Waco helps you plan your trip accordingly.  I really think everyone should at least visit the magical place of Fixer Upper one time in their lifetime, it will leave you inspired.


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