Taste Terre Haute

Taste Terre Haute: Tiers of Elegance

Today we are bringing you a little slice of heaven! Tiers of Elegance is the Wabash Valley’s one stop shop for all things sweet.  Your taste buds will appreciate this next stop on our Taste Terre Haute tour. Currently under new ownership within the past year and already aiming for world domination, this bakery will be your new favorite place for satisfying your sweet tooth.
Taste Terre Haute will run for two weeks; July 16th-29th. The event will highlight a variety of restaurants in the Wabash Valley and showcase their unique offerings. Every participant will be asked to offer a “deal” aka their own “taste” to diners, whether that is a special menu, free dessert, specialty cocktail, percentage off a meal; the specifics are up to each individual restaurant. Tiers of Elegance is a member of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and for the Taste of Terre Haute they are offering a selection of delectable treats!Meet Sara Waltermire & Breanna Shaw the new owners of Tiers of Elegance. Breanna worked under the previous owner for years learning the tricks and trade for making fantastic tasting and looking cakes.  Sara has always had a passion for cakes and had known Breanna for years and now they both get to showcase their talents with this new venture.  They both love what they do and have already made some great changes to help the cakery succeed.  Did you know that you can order sweets online from Tiers of Elegance and they will deliver them all over Terre Haute, not just cakes?! They have a $20 minimum that must be spent, but you can have cookies, cupcakes, brownies, & cakes delivered to your home, place of work, or any area within the Terre Haute city limits. Tiers of Elegance also donates cakes to new mothers & babies born at Union Hospital. They deliver 35 cakes a week, that is A LOT of babies!  Tiers of Elegance is known for their cakes, but what other’s may not know is that they also offer a variety of treats that you can walk-in and purchase.  The bakery serves fresh cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, slices of cake, & round cakes that can be purchased daily.  You don’t need to call ahead if you have a last minute party and need a dessert, they’ve got you covered.

Pictured: White wedding cakes that are offered daily in their bakery case. Flowers provided by Cowan & Cook

Tiers of Elegance is offering some great specials for Taste Terre Haute. Buy 2 Brownies Get 1 Free , Buy 6 Cupcakes Get 1 Free, & Buy 12 Cupcakes Get 2 Free.

The most requested cake they get asked to make is a traditional white wedding cake, but they make many other delicious options as well.  Pictured above are:  Lemon, Cherry Chip, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Creme, Red Velvet, & Chocolate Peanut Butter. Our personal favorite was the Birthday Cake cupcake because we are partial to Funfetti and it wasn’t too overwhelming with flavors.The girls have made some beautiful wedding and party cakes, my favorite are the simple cakes embellished with fresh flowers.  Unicorn cakes have been all the rage lately and they are getting ready to head to Vegas within the next few months to spot the newest trends and bring them back to town for all of us to enjoy!  The shop is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, & Saturday 10am-3pm. 

Thanks to Tiers of Elegance, the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, & Pepsi Refreshment Services for being a part of this amazing event that is Taste Terre Haute and thank you for allowing us to come taste your delicious treats! Don’t forget to check them out the next two weeks to catch a great deal & satisfy your sugar cravings!


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