Events: Taste Terre Haute

We’ve got exciting news to share with you guys this week!  And it has to do with one of my most favorite things…food.  How many times have you seen a local restaurant open up or driven by a local joint you haven’t been to in a while and thought to yourself, I need to try that.  I need to go back there.  Well, we are leading into the perfect time to do just that.  Inspired by Indy’s Devour Downtown event, Terre Haute Chamber  is bringing you our very own version with Taste Terre Haute!

Chamber started up our local Taste event just 3 years ago as a way to really highlight and showcase all the great local restaurants we have here in Terre Haute.  This event is the prefect incentive for you guys to get out there and try some different restaurants or dishes!  From craft cocktails to pizza, to brownies and prime rib, to BACON and so much more, this event really brings you the very best of Terre Haute.


All participating restaurants have their own special Taste Terre Haute offerings.  And it’s not just for 1 night.  They are running this event for 2 weeks, kicking off next Monday, July 16th.  Melissa and I have graciously donated our appetites to the cause and have been going around to some of the different restaurants and bars participating to get a firsthand look at what they’ve got to share with you all.  We’ll be posting about all our local favorites with an in-depth look at some of the restaurants involved in the event.

So be on the look out and get out and start enjoying some food!



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