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Java Haute: Winter Drinks

Java Haute has released their new seasonal Winter Drinks menu & we tried them all. These drinks will have you wishing it was winter all year long!

Make sure you take a step inside to check out the amazing holiday decorations that they created, it gave me all the festive feels.

Winter Drinks

Dashing Dame

The Dashing Dame is made with house-made mint syrup, espresso, macadamia milk, & cow’s milk. The mint is not overwhelming and this drink will surprise you. It’s sweet and refreshing.

Ginger Spice

We all loved the Posh Spice, that they created in the Fall. Now we have a Winter spin on their creation. Say hello to, Ginger Spice, it has house-made black-peppercorn ginger syrup, espresso, & milk. Don’t let the black-peppercorn ginger syrup scare you away, the taste is smooth & subtle. It’s the perfect mix and will have you questioning everything!

Side note: this does not taste like a “gingerbread man”.

Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary’s Baby features house-made brown-sugar rosemary syrup, espresso, & milk. This drink smells heavenly & I wouldn’t normally blend herbs and coffee, but it turns out that a latte made with a rosemary infusion is sweet and rich.  

Java Haute also did a little re-branding. Notice anything different about their cups?! They are beautiful & each size is a different color.

Marmalade Skies

If coffee isn’t your favorite, you must try this next seasonal drink made with tea. Marmalade Skies has tangerine white tea, house-made cinnamon syrup, & milk.

Get cozy with this drink, it is refreshingly sweet from start to finish, & celebrates indulging flavors and enticing aromas. 

We want to thank Holly & Craig at Java Haute for inviting us to taste their new “Winter Drinks” menu & experience the amazing hospitality they have to offer. These drinks are currently being served but are seasonal, so stop in before they disappear. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you might like it.


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