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I Tried It: The Mixing Bowl

With the emergence of Covid-19 this year, we have seen a lot of our restaurant friends change their way of business over night.  After closing their doors for the safety of others, themselves, and their staff, we saw local businesses, owners, and individuals do everything they could to keep their amazing foods and services available and keep their theoretical doors open.  With all these changes, over the summer we saw one local sous start up his own business, The Mixing Bowl, and guess what guys, I tried it!

The Mixing Bowl of Terre Haute, is a family owned business offering a rotating menu available for curbside pick-up on Mondays (and sometimes on Sunday!) at our local fav, J’Fords.  Some of their menus have been Asian inspired, BBQ, a Taste of Italian and the list goes on.  The creative behind the menu and the cooking is J’Ford’s own sous chef, Chris Shelton.  With the assistance of his wife, son, and adorable 4-year old daughter, they are bringing something new to Terre Haute that I was excited to try.

Each week they post the upcoming menu on Facebook and Instagram.  To place an order for their Monday pick-up, you just message them on Facebook or text them with your order.  Super easy!  Another pick-up perk they have, is there is a time range available for pick-ups.  This makes it a breeze to fit picking up your dinner goodies into your schedule, they just ask that you list your pickup time when submitting your order.

Like I mentioned before, they have had some delicious sounding menus, but when I saw the Asian Menu, I knew I had to try it.  I mean come on, I saw pork belly listed and I knew I was going to be a goner.  Typically their menus have appetizer, entrée, and dessert options listed.  Since I’m extra, I got their Vegetable Egg Rolls, Korean Sticky Wings, and Spicy Crispy Thai Pork Belly (yes, all just for me).  Everything was literally amazing, I lived for their spicy crispy pork belly with kimchi fried cabbage and wished I had gotten two orders, just so I could have some again the next day.  Their vegetable eggs rolls were GINORMOUS, not to mention probably some of the best I’ve had.

With each new week, I am excited to see what the new menu will hold.  Recently they began promoting their THANKSGIVING menu, and I have to say their dishes are looking pretty tasty.  They are offering 4 different entrees for the fam – Roasted Turkey Breast, Rosemary Pork Loin, Herb & Lemon Roasted Chicken, and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham.  Their side dishes are available in HALF pan (serves 12-15) or FULL pan (serves 25-30).  And 4 out of the 5 side dishes have vegan versions available!  From cobblers, to pies, to cheesecake; they’re also got you covered for desserts.

So whether it’s a random Monday or for their holiday menu, be sure to help out and support another local business.  I tried it, and so should you!



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