I Tried It

I Tried It: JAM Fitness

Bikini season is here and that means it’s time to get your summer bods in check & shed that winter weight. I’ve got the perfect class for you, if you are into having fun without even realizing you are getting a killer work out! 

JAM Fitness (Just Add Music) with Carlee is a cardio-intense dance class created to increase your heart-rate and target all muscle groups. JAM Fitness is a fast-paced cardio dance workout class with a dance club atmosphere & the best music selection.  Carlee Sluder is the lead instructor & creator of the JAM Fitness craze. The class consists of a 60 minute sweat session where you will warm-up, squat, dance, twerk, jump, & cool down to the hottest hits.  All choreography is created by Carlee & taught by her as well.

JAM takes place every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30pm at the National Guard Armory in North Terre Haute. During the Summer the Monday class will be held at 9am instead of 5:30pm.  Carlee also offers free classes on Mondays & Thursdays to all Vigo County School teachers & discounted punch cards for $30.  How cool is that?! If you can’t make it to a class or want to check out what to expect at the workout, Carlee also posts some of the dance routines online through her Youtube page.

I highly recommend trying this class at least once and if you’ve never been your first class is free, but I guarantee you will be back for more.  Every other class that follows is $5 or $35 for a 10 class punch card.  Not only is the instructor & class something to brag about, but all the people who attend are the nicest and sweetest people to work out with and no one is every shamed or guilted for not catching on immediately.  The class takes place in the dark with dance club lighting to help others feel more comfortable about being there.

Carlee also holds random Saturday classes to support local organizations or charities in the community.  All the proceeds are donated to the selected cause and you get a great workout as well.

I will be heading back to JAM next Tuesday, so feel free to join me and shake off all of your dead unwanted weight!  In this one hour class, you can burn up to 1,000 calories, so it makes you feel better about that ice cream you may pick up on the way home. Grab your towel, prepare to sweat, and come JAM with Carlee!


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