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I Tried It: Pulse Fitness

It’s about time for the new year resolutions and if you’re leaning toward the health route— do I have the workout for you: Pulse Fitness at The District! If you’re close to the Terre Haute area, then I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Pulse, but if not I’ll give you the inside scoop! This is hands down one of the best workouts I’ve ever done and the results people have had are nothing short of amazing.

Heather Michael is the creator of Pulse and has grown this business quite well. Originally starting at SkateWorld, it is now held at its own building just south of Hulman and north of the new Aquatic Center on Hwy 63. There are 20 chances each week to attend class and several awesome instructors to mix it up! It’s such a welcoming environment at The District and perfect for any fitness level. The best part is you can work at your own pace and not be judged.  Pulse is a high intensity cardio workout and set to a wide variety of music, there’s something for every taste! If you’re familiar with Zumba— think of it on steroids with some TurboKick added to it and you’ll get Pulse. A lot of people think this is just a “chick” workout, which is simply not the case. I see many guys getting their butt kicked in class, as well.


ou don’t have to wait till the new year to get your butt kicked by Heather and the crew— there’s still plenty of chances to get in a class or two in 2017. Check out “Pulse Fitness at The District” on Facebook for a full class schedule. Classes run $6 each or you can save some bucks by purchasing a 10 class punch card for $50 AND your first time is free! What are you waiting for? You won’t be disappointed! Make sure you let them know we sent you! If you have any other fitness classes around the area you want us to check out, drop us a message! Happy New Year!??


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