I Tried It

I Tried It: Yoga + Beer

Last time we spotlighted Pulse Fitness, which is super intense, so this month we’re going to calm it down with Yoga and Beer! Terre Haute Brewing Co. and  Carrie Lutz pair together to bring this class once a month and it’s a must attend!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too pumped up about going to Yoga, but my friends wanted to and there was a (free) beer involved! The class is $10, but that gets you any beer you’d like after and I learned the rest of the money goes to different local charities. (Even better reason to go!)

As far as the actual Yoga class went, I was very impressed! I went in thinking it would be super easy and no big deal, but it was a lot harder than I expected. Not to scare anyone off, because she gives options for all fitness levels. If you’re a newbie or super experienced in the Yoga field— check out the next class, you won’t regret it! Follow THBC on Facebook for all their upcoming events!


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  1. […] mat, and arrive early for registration and to snag a good spot.  Check out Heather’s most recent post about the class for more […]

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