I Tried It

I Tried It: Eyelash Extensions

Beauty will never go out of style and it seems like there is always some new trend or product that will help us achieve ultimate selfie goals.

If you have ever:

1.     Struggled with a lash curler

2.     Have blonde lashes

3.     Can’t seem to get your false lashes to stay on, let alone on straight

4.     Or just wanted to save money & skip a step in the morning getting ready

You may want to consider getting lash extensions.

I admit that I first noticed lash extensions from watching Bachelor in Paradise two years ago. I began realizing that all the girls on the show had long luxurious lashes and they would take a dip in the ocean and their lashes would stay put and they’d never have raccoon eyes. That’s when I found out they didn’t just have naturally long lashes, that they were in fact wearing extensions on their lashes and never having to wear mascara every again! That’s when I decided I needed to try this amazing service and I found a place in Carmel (Lash & Brow Design Company) that was known widely in the area for being lash extension experts. However, I was not able to maintain them and that drive every 3-4 weeks to get them filled was taking a toll on me. So I gave up and went back to rocking my tiny straight stubby boring lashes, which is until a little birdie told me about Beauty by Brysta

Beauty by Brysta is run by Brysta Moore who works from West Tease in West Terre Haute and Polished Day Spa in Marshall, IL and she specializes in all things lashes.  All lash extension technicians must be certified and go through training to hone the skills it takes to have a steady hand and a good eye to apply lash extensions.  Brysta is certified in Lavish Lashes.

Brysta applies individual lashes at a 1:1 ratio.  The fullness applied to each individual lash can vary from salon to technician.  The lashes are a bit bigger in diameter than a natural lash so they do add fullness.  The extensions come in several lengths and 3 different curls.  Some people (not me) are reported to fall asleep while receiving this service.  Brysta applies cooling patches under the eyes and begins the process of separating and gluing the individual lashes onto your natural lash.  The initial process can take about 1-2 hours to complete and the lash fill appointments usually run an hour, depending how you take care of them.

These are my personal results

Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out and shed. The average cycle of a single lash is about 100 days.  To keep them full they will need to be filled every 3-4 weeks.  If never filled, they will last up to 2 months before all extensions have shed.

Photo Credit: Brysta Moore

Tips on Keeping Your Lashes On Point

Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

-Wait At Least 24 Hours before getting your lashes wet

-Keep your hands off your lashes

-No Waterproof Mascara

-Try not to sleep directly on your lashes

I am addicted to face masks and skin products in general, so I am constantly washing my face.  I have found it much easier to wash my face outside of the shower with a wash cloth, instead of splashing my face with water. I also never get my lashes wet, I try to avoid water at all costs. If they are wet, pat them dry & try avoid rubbing them with a towel. I stick to Neutrogena make-up wipes when taking off all makeup, but I avoid my lash line.  If I am wearing eye liner I use Extreme Lashes makeup remover spray and a lint-free applicator that I sweep across the base of my lashes.  These simple steps keep the lashes from being damaged and looking beautiful.  It may seem like a lot of upkeep, but having lash extensions makes getting ready so much easier. I don’t use mascara at all anymore, you can use mascara as long as it isn’t waterproof, but you won’t need to. Also the lash extensions help line your upper lash line and gives the illusion of eyeliner, so going makeup free isn’t so scary.

Other Services/Pricing

Brysta offers lash extensions and a lash lift/tint service.  The lash lift and tint lasts about 8-12 weeks.  This service is very similar to a perm but for your lashes.  The process curls the lashes up to make them visible and gives the illusion of longer lashes.  This service is very low maintenance compared to the lash extensions. Lashes can’t get wet for 24 hours after the service ends than you are free to wear/use any products on them. This is perfect if you are already blessed with long lashes or don’t want to have to worry about the upkeep.

Full Set of Lash Extensions- $80

Lash Fills- $40

Lash Lift & Tint- $90

If you are interested in setting up a lash extension or lift appointment with Beauty by Brysta, you can find her on Facebook at West Tease or Polished Day Spa or you can text her at 812.870.3327. Mention our post to receive $10 off a full set of lash extensions!


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