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Gift Wrapping Inspiration

If the stress of shopping and crowds doesn’t get your panties in a bunch this holiday season, then we can all agree that wrapping gifts can be THE WORST! The girls and I at Always Take The Scenic Route have compiled and put together some holiday gift wrapping inspo from Christmas’s past & present that are sure to help make wrapping present’s this year much more relaxing.

Brittany likes to hand stamp her gifts with the recipient’s favorite Christmas movie quotes or music lyrics.  I am partial to her because she’s my friend, but her gifts are the cutest!

This year I chose to go the un-traditional route and shy away from red & green colors.  Butcher paper gives your gift a blank slate and opens your present up to a load of creative options.

TJ Maxx is currently one of my favorite chain stores and they have some amazing gift wrapping options. I found these cute reindeer crackers filled with toys for little ones to attach to their gifts. They also had some of the cutest gift boxes pre-made, so you can kiss wrapping paper GOODBYE!  I am tired of the same ole stick on bows so I handmade a paper bow and who knew you could curl the ends!

I hope our gift wrapping skills get your creative juices flowing and no matter how you wrap or present your gifts this year, it’s the thought that counts!

Happy Holidays!-M.

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