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Easy DIY Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween is my favorite time of year!  I get a chance to showcase my creative side, by knocking out some pretty awesome costumes. Back in college, I always spent the extra few bucks to buy a slutty costume in a bag and always ended up looking like everyone else.  After having difficulty finding a costume that wasn’t over-priced.  I decided that  I was going to create a one-of-a-kind costume that couldn’t be bought at the store. Since then, I have always made my own costumes with items already in my closet. I put this little guide together to help you create a unique costume that will save you some extra green!


Earrings | Dress | Streamers | Boots | Headband 

This was my first experience with a more time consuming project.  My pinata costume was inspired by this tutorial from RabbitFoodForMyBunnyTeeth.

What you’ll need:

  • A dress that you don’t mind getting rid of
  • Streamers
  • Hot glue gun

I started this costume with a royal blue tank dress from Forever 21, that I purchased from the clearance section. I then bought blue, hot pink, orange, and yellow streamers which I cut into 4 inch long strips.  Using a small dot of glue on each strip, I started from the very bottom row of yellow (three rows of each color) and worked my way to the top like a flapper dress, turning the dress around as I went. I gathered a bunch of long pieced and tied one end into a knot and then safety pinned it to the back of my dress as the “donkey tail.” I made matching “donkey ears” out of folded paper – think old school tri-folded name place cards that you made in elementary school for your desk. Then wrapped pink streamers around them to cover them up and glued them to a headband.

Arthur & Buster

This was a super easy costume to put together. I owned everything already but the collared blouse, which I ordered off of Amazon.  I made Arthur’s aardvark ears with felt and a hot glue gun.  We ended up making name tags, just in case someone missed out on this craze during their childhood. Who remember’s the episode where the Backstreet Boys made a special appearance?! #IWantItThatAWay

Arthur & Buster

Yellow Sweater | Collared Blouse | Jeans | Shoes

Teal Top | Collared Blouse | JeansShoes

The Little Mermaid

This was and still is my all-time favorite costume I ever made or wore.

This one was a complete DIY project, the crop top and pencil skirt trend was in full swing, so that was my inspiration for this look.  I bought a nude crop top & found a kelly green high-waisted pencil skirt online.  I also purchased two foam plain white shells from a craft store which I painted neon purple and hot glued a lot of assorted rhinestones onto.  Next, I hand-sewed the shells onto the crop top. Side note: I am not the best sewer but I didn’t think it had to be perfect and they stayed on, so it was a win. With the skirt I used puffy paint and glitter to add a scaled effect.  The Flounder purse was a stuffed animal that I sliced open, then added a liner, zipper, & strap! I still have this one in my closet for a rainy day & can we talk about how awesome my friends are at making their own costumes too?!

Who ya gonna call?! This was my costume from last year & again it was super easy to make.
 I purchased an olive jumpsuit from Forever 21 as the main piece.  I then ordered two Ghostbuster emblems & a name-badge on Etsy to iron-on to the jumpsuit.  No joke, it was as simple and easy as that! I brought along a marshmallow gun to slip in my backpack and I was ready to catch some ghosts!
I hope this guide gets your creative juices flowing!  Have a happy & safe Halloween!

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