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Drink of the Month: Holiday Coconut Cooler

It’s time to bust out the nog and get your jingle on!  This month’s Drink of the Month might look the part, but the flavors put a fun new spin on holiday cocktails.  We all have our favorite go to drinks for the holidays, I like making sangria’s or spiked ciders.  Some like adding a little kick to their eggnog or checking out all the different seasonal beers.  Most people, like me, would not think about coconut in December.  But that’s just want I did with this Holiday Coconut Cooler.

This drink is might seem simple, but it packs a lot of flavor with the fresh mint and burst of tart pomegranate.  I never would have stumbled upon this tasty concoction if my boss, April hadn’t sent me a Snap of her making one at home and I thought the colors were so festive.  I tend to shy away from coconut drinks, however, I couldn’t resist this drink once I tried it!  And I hope you feel the same!


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