Drink of the Month

Drink of the Month: Wine Slushie

This summer we’ve been all about craft cocktails and citrusy IPAs and Rose Ciders.  But we’re still wine girls through and through.  So, it would be a travesty if we didn’t knock your sandals off with a WINE SLUSHIE that is perfect for our August Drink of the Month.

Wine Slushies have been all the rage at the local wineries for the last couple of years.  The Sycamore Winery just released their NEW Grapefruit Pineapple Slushie that features their Catawba.  And have a fantastic outside deck to enjoy your slushie with friends.  You can’t forget about WaterTower Estates located on Springhill here in Terre Haute either.  They have weekly events ranging from trivia to music, and typically you’ll see a slushie flavor (OR TWO) offer at the event.

Though Terre Haute has plenty of places to go to find tasty wine slushies.  Don’t go thinking you have to leave the house to enjoy one or that you have to have a handy-dandy slushie machine just to sip one at home.  They are EXTREMELY easy to make and quick to serve up if you’re hosting a crowd.  You can’t forget versatility here either.

Though I’ve given you a set recipe for our Blackberry Cabernet Wine Slushie, you can mix and match the fruit and wines based off you preference or what’s in season.  Just use these basic ratios and start experimenting on your own.

WINE – 2 cups

FROZEN FRUIT – 2 ½ cups

ICE – 3 cups

Word to the wise, if you’re keeping it seasonal and your wanting to use a fresh fruit that you can’t find frozen, that’s completely doable.  Either pop those suckers in the freezer for an hour or increase the amount of ice by 1 cup. (Depending on the fruit, this might make your mixture thicker.  Slowly stream in some additional wine until you reach your desired thickness and you my friend, are good to go!).


Don’t forget…if you come up with a delicious slushie combination, you are required to share it with us.  It’s only fair.



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