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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

It’s time to switch it up from the same old Christmas decorations you use to adorn your tree every year. Red and green ball ornaments are timeless, but your tree could use a little refresh this holiday season. Let these chic trees inspire you—whether you want rustic, glam, or all natural, one of these tree decor styles is sure to speak to you.

Brittany's Vintage Winter Wonderland Tree

I have always been a lover of Christmas. From yearly trips to the tree farm, Christmas songs, tons of lights, spending time with my family.  I love it and always think that December goes by way too quickly.  That’s said, when it comes to decking my home out in Christmas cheer, I steer away from reds and greens.  I’m more of a winter wonderland kind of gal, with loads of blues, silvers, and glass, as well as mixing in some of my standard antique and handmade decor pieces.
My tree is filled with many glass and blue ornaments I’ve gotten from Pottery Barn over the years.  However, my very favorite ornaments are my crystal snowflakes.  For the last 6 years I’ve gotten a Swarovski Snowflake from my aunt (and godmother) for Christmas . I look forward to unboxing and hanging them on my tree every year.
I don’t typically do any garland on my tree, however, this year I wanted to start integrating more natural decor and less GLITTER.  So, I took some inspiration from Java Haute’s vertical yarn wall art and made some of my own to hang looped for window trim.  I don’t have a fireplace (Santa still finds a way), so no mantle for me.  Instead I decorate my handmade TV stand with greenery and some handmade ornaments I’ve made.  I bought plain glass ornaments and with one set mod podge book pages onto the ornament.  With the other set, I glued different shades of yarn and twine around the ornaments.  Super easy to make and was the perfect dash of Christmas I needed to mix with my standard decor and antique cameras.  
So, though it might be a little bit untraditional in color, it’s my personal bit of Christmas magic I love to unbox each year.

Nicole's Pink Glam Tree

Red? For Christmas? Not even close to groundbreaking. Switch it up with pink this year. Pair pink ornaments with a touch of gold–and you’ll be set.

I just moved into a new house this year and pink is a main theme color throughout so I decided to incorporate it into my Christmas decor. 

Using Melissa’s ribbon technique, I added alternating ribbons of pink and champagne. Topped off with a gold star and pink, white, and gold ornaments throughout. This tree made all my glam dreams come true and I couldn’t be more excited for Christmas. 

As for my mantle, I turned it into a snowy village with tiny homes purchased from the dollar section at Target. 

Melissa's Bohemian Rustic Tree

I usually wait until the last minute to pull out my tree and don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about decorating, I have used the same decor every year. Now that I have been staying home more frequently, tree decorating has become a new project for December. I scratched the ole red and gold theme I usually do and transitioned my tree into a beautiful masterpiece. 

I knew I wanted neutral shades with a little bit of sparkle so I started with three types of wired ribbon (burlap, champagne glitter, & off white). I learned this ribbon technique a few years back,  you take a strand and tuck it into the tree and wrap a branch around it to keep it in place. Then you bubble it out and repeat the process. See the video below for a visual.

After I add the ribbon throughout the tree, I add in filler. In this case I used these gorgeous velvet taupe poinsettia stems and glitter branch stems that I purchased at hobby lobby. I wish I would of purchased a few more, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I think they give it a little something extra (and I love it)!

Then I finish off my tree with as many ornaments as I can add to it to create fullness. Fill in the bare spots and alternate sizes. 

Show off your unique decorating style and get in the true spirit of the holiday season with a standout tree that boasts something a bit more unexpected, regardless of whether you opt for a real or artificial tree.

Merry Christmas!

-Melissa, Nicole, & Brittany

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