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Beaded Tassel Garland

The Christmas bug has hit me hard this year and because I am home most of the time these days, I decided to change things up and make some of my own decorations.  I saw a friend post that she made yarn tassel garland on her Instagram stories and knew I had to try my hand at this craft and add my own twist on this fun DIY.

Now I researched and tested out a few variations of this craft as it can be done multiple ways and you can make the tassels different sizes. But I will be sharing with you the process that seemed the easiest and made the best looking tassels for my mantle. Everything I used for this project can be purchased on Amazon or your local craft store.



Start by wrapping your yarn around a book 25 times. My book measured 6″ with a 1 1/2″ spine. Slip a length of yarn under the wrapped piece. Pull that length of yarn up to the book’s spine and knot it tightly twice.

Carefully slip the tassel off of your book. Tie a length of yarn about 1 1/2″ down from the top. Cut the end loops & trim to a desired length.


I chose to glue two tassels on top of one another so I trimmed my tassels down to a reasonable length making it appear to have layers (like a Christmas tree). String a small bead on the top so it will blend in on the beaded garland. You will need to look at where you plan on hanging the garland and determine how many tassels you would like to add to it, then double it since they will be stacked. This can appear time consuming but once you’ve got your first few down, the rest is a breeze.

I then measured my mantel and strung 7 different sized beads on my twine and tied a tassel between each set of beads. This is all up to preference and length. But I ended up with 16 tassels (32 total). 

If this project seems too complicated, settle for just an easy beaded garland and skip the tassels. Put on a Christmas movie, pour a glass of wine, and string your beads. This can be used on your tree, mantle, or table top and its super easy to make!

Happy Holidays!


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