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A Look At: The Copper Bar Boozy Brunch

For those of you that live in Terre Haute or the surrounding area, you know about The Copper Bar.  It is one of the few remaining bars left on Wabash Avenue and was built in 1895 with a rich and continuing heritage as Terre Haute’s home to find an atmosphere of great food, fun, and spirits. This past weekend The Copper Bar took a chance and dove head first into the “brunch scene” and by the looks of the crowd and the food, it will definitely be sticking around.

This ‘Boozy Brunch‘ takes place every Sunday from 10am-2pm.  The Copper Bar does not have a host/hostess so tables are on a first come, first serve basis.  Our group showed up at 11am and we had a few tables to choose from. But as the hungover college students began rolling out of bed, the bar filled up fast and there weren’t any empty tables to be found.  So try not to wait too long to snag a seat to celebrate Sunday Funday.

Let’s talk libations; the brunch menu features Kenny’s Famous Bloody Mary’s (my personal favorite), Screwdrivers, Mimosa’s, & Peach Bellini’s.  All of these delicious concoctions can be served in a 32 0z Pitcher, which equals about 3 glasses. We all opted to each buy a pitcher for ourselves, which ended in a very eventful afternoon.  If brunch cocktails aren’t your thing, they do have champagne & wine by the bottle, or for all you non-alcoholic drinker’s they’ve got you covered with coffee, milk, OJ, apple juice, soda, & tea.

A Pitcher of Screwdriver’s (Tito’s Vodka + OJ)
Kenny Linn’s Famous Bloody Mary’s

The Copper Bar really stepped up by offering a lot of unique choices for their brunch menu.  They’ve got eggs served up in a fiery quesadilla, served in a breakfast sandwich, &  topped off on a savory burger.  If you like sugar for breakfast, stick with the pancakes or waffles, they are sure to cure your sweet tooth.  The food, was everything you’d want it to be, especially after a night of drinking.  Some of our favorite items were the ‘Bash B&G’s, “Haute” Waffles, & the Hautian Hangover Helper. If you aren’t much of a brunch person and love Copper’s regular menu, their lunch items are still available for purchase (there pizza is AMAZING).

The biscuits & gravy were my favorite item. They made sure to actually put sausage in their gravy, which gave it more flavor and filled me up!
This monster of a breakfast sandwich was completely devoured.
You can’t go wrong with a Belgian waffle, and did I mention that they are ALL YOU CAN EAT?!

We spoke with the owner & staff of The Copper Bar, and they really want to make this ‘boozy brunch’ event something permanent on Sunday’s and would eventually like to extend offering the brunch service on Saturday’s as well.  They also hope to introduce specials every week, so there will always be something new to try for brunch.

We loved every minute of our time at The Copper Bar starting with the generous servings, the friendly staff, & of course the boozy cocktails! If you are looking to spice up your Sunday with a fun atmosphere, big screen tv’s, and delicious food & drinks, then stop by The Copper Bar.  It is guaranteed to be your new favorite place to brunch!  If you are interested in staying up to date on the boozy brunch at The Copper Bar, check out their Facebook or Instagram pages for more information.  If you need someone to brunch with next weekend, just give us a holler and we will voluntarily attend!

Cheers to more Sunday Brunches in the Wabash Valley!


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