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A Look At: Meadows Cafe

I am sure by now, most of you have heard about The Meadows Shopping Center going through some much needed changes in the past few weeks.  But not everyone knows about a new dining establishment that has opened it’s doors inside of The Meadows, this week we bring you a look at the Meadows Cafe.Meadows Cafe does not have a Facebook page or running website, so it’s extremely hard to find out about this restaurant unless you are following other’s who have visited or happened to stroll right past it.  The restaurant sits smack dab in the middle of the shopping center and serves breakfast & lunch.  They are open Tuesday-Sunday 7am-3pm, for the time being.  The diner is still working out some kinks and hopes to have it’s official opening within the next few weeks.  The menu features typical diner food consistent to the area, such as a hand breaded tenderloin sandwich, a variety of burger options, and all day breakfast.  They also serve the “good ice” with all their drinks, so that is definitely a plus in my book.  I visited a few days after they had been open and they already had a slew of regulars who’d eaten there more than once a week.  This restaurant has been busy the two times I’ve visited and it is sure to be a magnet for the MCL regulars as well as a quick easy option for “East Siders”. I went for breakfast this past weekend and tried their Banana Nut Pancakes topped with bananas foster sauce, and OMG you guys! The pancakes were fluffy, delicious, & huge! It came stacked 3 pancakes high and I could only finish about a quarter of my dish, but it was one of my favorite ways to enjoy a pancake. (calories don’t count on Sundays)Their tenderloin sandwich is offered two different ways. “The Hoosier” is an over-sized tenderloin that sits on a small bun, this is the sandwich us Indiana folks, have grown to love.  But if you are like me and can’t handle all of that meat and you like a good meat to bread ratio, they offer a smaller portion of the sandwich as well. (seen pictured in the photo below)The diner has chosen to decorate it’s walls with old photographs of The Meadows Shopping Center & historical Terre Haute pictures.  It offers a great history lesson for those who don’t realize how big Terre Haute used to be.  Fun Fact: Hulman Links golf course used to be considered one of the top 25 golf courses in the United States. This restaurant is just one small change that has affected the recent popularity of The Meadows.  The new owners are currently looking for an entrepreneur to take on the old theater space that sits next to MCL.  I think this is a great opportunity for the younger people of Terre Haute to take on a new and exciting project that pumps life back into the East side.  They need some fresh new ideas to help it appeal to younger crowds. I look forward to seeing what is to come of The Meadows in the future and hope to bring you more posts about what will open next!


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