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A Look At: Max & Honey’s You Pick Farm

Just off of East County Road 1300 in Brazil, Indiana sits a charming flower farm filled with horses, sunflowers, butterflies, bees, and smiles. Max and Honey’s You Pick Flower Farm is the perfect weekend activity great for the whole family.
Max and Honey’s
is a family owned farm named after the owners grandparents whose home was nestled in the middle of the farm and welcomed many guests through the years.  The owner, Valerie Smith, always loved the beauty of flowers growing up and throughout the years began harvesting those flowers and turning them into gorgeous bouquets and arrangements. Fast forward to 2020 and she turned that passion into a reality. She now runs the farm with her family and hopes you will bring your family to make long lasting memories.For those unfamiliar with a You Pick Flower Farm, the farm grows the flowers and you show up and harvest them on your own.  The farm provides all the necessary tools to make a beautiful bouquet to take home. Remember to bring a container to take your flowers home in (they will put water in your container before you leave). You can also purchase a vase when you arrive at the farm. The prices are set by container size and start at $10 (some flowers will be priced per stem). They will provide sanitized scissors to borrow, but you may bring your own as well.  The flower rows are 6 feet apart and are accessible on each side providing plenty of room for social distancing. Cash is preferred but cards are accepted. They also have a snack stand set up where you can purchase box lunches and lemonade to enjoy on the farm.All flowers are marked for cutting so you know what type you are gathering and taking home.  They have flowers ranging from Sunflowers, Cosmos, Lemon Basil, and  Giant Marigolds just to name a few. The flowers are reasonably priced and picking the flowers makes for a great outdoor activity with family or friends. It also makes for a great backdrop for photos.If picking flowers just aren’t your thing, you can call or email the farm and purchase pre-made bouquets ranging from $15-$45.The farm is planning a pumpkin patch and fall activities in the upcoming months. They are going to have horse rides, a corn maze, you pick pumpkin patches, and more. Stay tuned for any Summer and Fall announcements by following their page on Facebook.The farm is located at 12783 North Private Road 385 East in Brazil, Indiana.  The You Pick Flowers will run now until the first fall frost in October. Their hours are Monday, Friday, and Saturdays 9am-3pm. They are hosting a special Wednesday evening offering tomorrow, August 5th from 4pm-7pm.


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