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A Look At: Java Haute

Summer 2020 has been the fastest & slowest summer of my life.  And with fall right around the corner I’ll take all the little moments of bliss life decides to throw my way.  This is why I was so ecstatic to find out that JAVA HAUTE wanted Melissa and I to help promote their NEW fall flavors.  We had a fantastic sit down with Holly and Craig, so grab a cup of joe while we take a look at Java Haute and their 4 new fall drinks launching this Saturday, August 29th.

When Holly and Craig Little took over Java Haute a few years ago, they had a vision.  Both Hoosier’s had been living in San Francisco before packing up their things and heading back to the Haute to take over the business.  They wanted to keep the Java Haute we all knew and loved, but they also wanted to make it their own and turn it into something truly special and unique to the area. 

Bringing in more high quality house-made ingredients and introducing Terre Haute to creative (and delicious!) specialty drinks that you don’t typically find in the area.  The creator of those unique seasonal drinks, is none other than Holly.  If you spend more than 1 minute with her, then you’ll see her passion and excitement for what she is creating is genuine and contagious.   She spends months researching, testing, and perfecting her drinks before they launch to the public (where do I sign up to be a taste tester???). 

Melissa and I got to taste the final products this last week, and I have to say I literally cannot possibly pick a favorite.  I even fell in love with a tea drink, and we all know that coffee is my jam.  So, before going any further into Holly & Craig’s story, let me introduce you to the NEW Fall 2020 Drink Menu.

Posh Spice – Fall Spice Latte

Move over Sporty, Posh has got something to say!  This latte features their housemade spice simple syrup, which includes a warm mix of brown sugar, cloves, black peppercorns, cinnamon, and all spice.  It hits the perfect balance with every note of fall you could want or need in a drink.

Bliss Brew – Horchata Cold Brew

Holly and Craig are on it with the name game, because they are right!  This drink is bliss.  It was the first drink Melissa and I got to try, and I knew after tasting it that we were in for a lineup of amazing drinks.  Not only is it the perfect iced drink for transitioning from summer to fall, it’s a labor of love.  Totaling 22 hours all together, just to steep all the ingredients.  They steep rice, water, and cinnamon bark for 8-12 hours.  After straining that mixture, they add milk, sugar and cinnamon to get a creamy and spiced horchata.  The horchata is mixed with their housemade cold brew, which steeps for 20-22 hours.

Golden Glow – Turmeric-Ginger Latte

This drink will give you the feels, and it’s good for you too!  This drink is crafted using turmeric and ginger, then they add a touch of maple for sweetness and cinnamon for a dash of spice.

Flower Child – Chamomile-Cinnamon Chai Latte

You don’t need to time travel to the 70s to get this drink, they have it starting September 29th!  There is no coffee in this drink, I repeat, no coffee.  And it ended up being the drink I couldn’t stop talking about after we left.  They craft this delicate chai latte using their housemade chamomile-cinnamon syrup.

All four of these drinks will be available beginning Saturday, August 29th  at Java Haute.  You can stay in your car by utilizing their drive through or come inside and get some work done while you enjoy your beverage in their spaced out seating area.  They have an eclectic mix of art on the walls, that I love just looking at. 

In addition to the numerous pieces they have hanging up, when you first walk in your greeted by a beautiful wall mural.  This mural is changed seasonally, and done by a talented local artist.  The one they have now is so beautiful.  I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’m excited to see what they create next.  They have another local artist do their menu boards for all their seasonal drink menus.

What Holly and Craig have built upon and created in such a short time is something exciting and fresh and local.  They are working every day to create new drinks (and new cool drink names), a customer driven work culture, and quality housemade ingredients.  All while helping the local small business culture thrive in our community.

So, while I am counting down the hours and minutes until September 29th when I can get one of these drinks again at Java Haute.  I am also anxiously waiting to see all the new ideas these two come up with in the future.  Stay in the loop by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Let them know how much you love their creations by tagging @JavaHaute when you pick up one of their new drinks.



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