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A Look At: Harry & Bud’s

Nestled on the corner of 25th and Washington, across from the Community Theatre of Terre Haute, is a hidden gem. Harry & Bud’s is a local restaurant unknown to most of this town, unless you’ve heard about it from someone who has had the chance to go. There is no menu to order off of, the meals are abundant, and it feels like home.

Harry & Bud’s is described as focusing on European cuisine. Chef and Owner Jeffrey Marks is a one man show. He is the host, waiter, busboy, owner, and chef. He also has no professional training and you would have no idea. The restaurant is decorated in maps and airplanes so you get a sense that Jeff is a wanderlust at heart. The tables and chairs are very kitschy and it feels as if you are having a meal fit for a king in your grandmother’s kitchen.

The restaurant is BYOB, so bring anything you may want to sip on besides water. Also, bring some stretchy pants and an empty stomach, you will need as much room as you can get. You will start off with a plethora of breads and cheeses and it only escalates from there. Don’t fill up on too much bread because the entrees are just ahead, and when I say entrees, there were 13 of them.

The menu changes based off of what is fresh and available in the area and what he feels like preparing. I recommend grabbing as many friends as you can because you will be taking most of the food home with you. Some of the dishes we had included tuna, beef tenderloin, crab cakes, a whole roasted turkey, shrimp, scallops, macaroni and cheese, and pasta with meatballs, just to name a few.

It also doesn’t end there, because next is dessert and he goes big. He made a huge cheesecake and covered it in chocolate sauce, fresh berries with made from scratch whipped cream, and the most delicious banana bread I’ve ever tasted.

Harry & Bud’s is only open when you call and make a reservation, be prepared as they may take up to 6 weeks to get a date. Reservations require a minimum of 6 people, and the meal runs about $50 a head. The restaurant only accepts cash or check and be prepared to tip.

If you go to Harry and Bud’s, prepare for an intimate restaurant experience. (We were the only guests in the time we were there.) And trust that whatever comes from the kitchen will be great. If you are interested in feasting at Harry & Bud’s with friends and family, check out their Facebook page for full reviews or call and make a reservation at 812-237-0400.


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