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A Look At: Firefly Grill

On our recent trek to Flora, Illinois for a concert at Johnny & June’s we decided to stop halfway and grab dinner at a place Melissa came across on Instagram. Situated just off the interstate past a row of fast food chains & hotels sits a diamond in the rough that is Firefly Grill.  Firefly Grill is a farm & table restaurant located in Effingham, Illinois owned and operated by the Campbell family.  The concept of the restaurant is homegrown, all the food is grown themselves or sourced locally and the atmosphere is literally like “home”. 

The restaurant is extremely beautiful to look at and sits on a great piece of land.  Firefly’s vision is a sustainable one: the frame of the building is recycled steel, all of the barn wood is reclaimed, the chairs were recycled from the Hard Rock in Manhattan, the pond irrigates the gardens which greatly reduce firefly’s carbon footprint along with all the trash eliminated from avoiding packaged foods. They grow mint, not only for the menu, but to also keep the mosquitoes away. Nothing but love goes into the farm. Absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers are used. Their philosophy on food is “keep it simple, source the best ingredients possible, and stay out of their way.”

Throwing a party, wedding, or small event?  The Firefly Grill is open to host private events and weddings. From small gatherings in the rustic wine room or water-side indoor patio, to the open, airiness of the main dining room, to larger gatherings on the lakeside fields enclosed with ornamental grasses, the firefly grill creates a lasting impression. They also take reservations, so plan ahead and celebrate at this amazing restaurant that only sits an hour away from Terre Haute.

The food was amazing! The fresh and local ingredients made all the difference. You could see their plants as you walked in, its super refreshing to know what your eating and where it came from. It was all seasonal, so the menu changes frequently. We were able to order some breaded morel mushrooms and they didn’t disappoint at all! I had the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl and it was one of the best I’ve had. The presentation of their plates was outstanding and it’s clear the chef knows what he is doing.

The drinks & dessert were just as amazing. The staff was extremely nice and attentive to our needs.  We could of spent a lot more time there than we already did and are already daydreaming about going back.  Iff you ever drive through that area, be sure and stop, it’s worth every bite!



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